Most families will need to spend as much as 38% of their annual gross income on meals, lodging and other travel costs associated with pediatric cancer treatments.
3 years is the average length of
treatment for a pediatric cancer patient.
Most families will need to spend as much as 38% of their annual gross income on meals, lodging and other travel costs associated with pediatric cancer treatments.

Who We Are

The Walking Miracles Family Foundation exists to connect caregivers, families and survivors impacted by childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer to resources and referral networks and to help defray the cost of travel during the cancer journey -- the primary barrier to care in West Virginia.

Thus, the first program we implemented was the Country Roads Travel Assistance Program.  We have helped more than 200 families and have provided travel assistance to families in 33 of 55 West Virginia counties with our travel card that helps pay for gas, food and lodging. To date, we have given families over $35,000 in travel assistance. 

As part of our mission, we first want to ensure our caregivers and survivors have survivorship plans and are connected to a survivorship clinic for proper follow-up. This includes education on the areas they received treatment and on the long-term side effects they might expect. This will better enable patients to seek quality care and live a high quality of life. 

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Make a Donation

The support and genourous donations of caring people like you helps Walking Miracles Family Foundation continue its mission of providing the "Country Roads Travel Assistance Program" to WV families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer.

Walking Miracles Family Foundation believes that no family should not have a financial strain to get their child to their cancer treatments and your donations help bring us closer to the day when every family can be helped in WV to have travel paid for.

What We Provide

An aspect of our mission is our belief that the cancer experience can be improved dramatically.


Travel Assistance

The various costs associated with travel are a major barrier to people’s ability to access cancer treatment. In West Virginia, the burden of travel is severe because many rural areas have no bus system. Thus, the average family drives 2-3 hours in one direction to receive (...)



Patient navigation enables families to focus on the care and emotional needs of their diagnosed family member. The many details and issues surrounding a cancer diagnosis, as well as the needs of those who are in survivorship, can be overwhelming to families. (...)



Any cancer diagnosis can leave one feeling frightened, confused, angry, depressed, or lonely. In addition, radiation and chemotherapy treatments may result in some memory loss, slow thinking and other cognitive issues.  We partner with local counselors (...)



Survivorship begins with diagnosis and extends through the entire continuum of care. Our simple, fundamental goal with survivorship is to improve the life experience of child, adolescent, and young adult cancer patients. We’ve built partnerships with numerous (...)

Our Travel Assistance Partners

Cincinnati Children's
Johns Hopkins
Children's VCU
Peyton Manning
Nationwide Childrens
University of Virginia
WVU Children's
Sloan Kettering
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
UK Children's
Wake Forest
Children's of Philly

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