Survivorship is a Journey, Not a Destination

Surviving cancer often means reaching the end of one journey and beginning a new one. Living well after finishing cancer treatment requires managing any physical and emotional changes that could be experienced as a result of cancer or treatment. The Walking Miracles Family Foundation wants to ensure our survivors and caregivers have survivorship plans in place and are connected to a survivorship clinic for proper follow-up.

That's why Walking Miracles Family Foundation is working with Vital Pediatrics for Complex Kids, (VPCK). VPCK is a private telemedicine practice for palliative and supportive care founded and owned by Patricia Shearer, MS, MS, FAAP. Dr. Shearer is a board -certified pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician with long commitment to cancer survivorship. She is registered by the State of WV Board of Medicine as a telehealth provider. Dr. Shearer offers the addition of physician-based survivorship education to WMFF and will provide all consultations for individuals referred to the practice. She will also work with WMFF to assure longitudinal coordination of care for patients with WV primary care providers in their local communities.

Cancer survivors are often more likely to experience certain health issues. Understanding what these are and how to prevent or manage them are necessary to achieve the best quality of life possible. A survivorship clinic can recommend ways to improve health through exercise, proper nutrition, weight management and other lifestyle choices.

Walking Miracles makes survivorship a little easier by providing an Apple iPad or Android tablet.

Each tablet is preloaded with helpful apps like, E Care 21Anytime Telehealth, and the Reimagine Well platform that conveniently ties it all together.

The tablets also include:

  • Survivorship care plan,
  • Wi-Fi, video calling, email, contact storage
  • Medication management, connection to our patient navigator and more.

Each recipient receives a tutorial explaining the tablet and its features.