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The Walking Miracles Support Network

Welcome to a Family Bound by Hope 

The Walking Miracles Family Foundation’s support network is our gift to every patient, family and healthcare provider who has been a part of our growing family. This network is a place where we can share stories of hope, healing and inspiration. We invite you to gain helpful knowledge, set achievable health goals for your journey, share best practices for others to follow in your footsteps  and chronicle your path from diagnosis to wellbeing.

We also provide educational Learn Guides on:

  • Pediatric survivorship
  • Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) survivorship
  • Leukemia survivorship
  • Melanoma survivorship
  • Oncofertility
  • And much more

Where Would you Choose to Heal?

Reimagine Well

As thankful as we are for the advances in childhood cancer treatment, radiation and chemotherapy can be unpleasant experiences we’d like to avoid. Walking Miracles Family Foundation has partnered with Reimagine Well to bring the Infusionarium experience to our partner hospitals, patients and families.

 The Infusionarium is an immersive virtual experience that takes patients on journeys far away from hospitals or labs to fascinating places all over, or out of, this world. As small as a mobile phone, or as large as a custom virtual reality theatre, the Infusionarium is any place that allows a patient, family, or staff member to access our immersive healing experiences, educational Learn Guides and support community.

This dynamic platform is more than just extremely entertaining—it has shown to make treatment more tolerable and reduce the need for side-effects medication, reduce readmission, improve patient satisfaction scores and accelerate the output of several procedures.


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