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Missy and Grayson’s Story

“When Grayson was diagnosed with T Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma we had no idea where to begin. Research and knowing what and when to do things were overwhelming. You can only do so much on a phone and when Walking Miracles sent an iPad to Grayson much to our surprise it was preloaded with wonderful apps and resources that would benefit “us” as parents. It has helped us stay connected to UVA and “MyChart” tracking his appointments. If we have questions or need to look up something or compare with other facilities or protocols the apps included are very helpful. It also helps us track his tests and lab results. Plus if he wants to explore and connect with others he can. Thank you again Brett and Walking Miracles for the wonderful gift and support to not only our children but parents. You have been a blessing (miracle!) to us and all families in WV.”

John Doe

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