The ​Walking Miracles Family Foundation support network​, providing patient and family support and education 24/7.

As part of our mission, we first want to ensure our caregivers and survivors have survivorship plans and are connected to a survivorship clinic for proper follow-up.

This includes education on the areas they received treatment and on the long-term side effects they might expect. This will better enable patients to seek quality care and live a high quality of life. 

We also wanted to help caregivers and survivors be able to keep track of all the information they would be getting during their cancer journey, so our founder a 2 time survivor himself, used his personal experience along with current families currently in treatment and survivors on the board of directors to create a tablet that will be donated through the continuum of care.

The LNX tablet will have the following:  WI FI and Video Call capabilities, Email, Contact Storage, Medication Management, Calendar, Web Browsing ,Survivorship Care Plan, Media, Surveys, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Text Messaging, Voice Recorder, Business Forms, WM website, connection to our Patient Navigator, Cancer Policies and Advocacy and Educational opportunities.

Most of the software for the tablet will be pre loaded on Apple iPad or Android tablet. In addition to that will be partner Apps like Cancer Aid and the Reimagine Well platform that will help implement this content.

Our Navigator and Founder will help train and educate each caregiver and survivor as tablets are presented to them.