Patient Navigation

We Provide the Roadmap for your Cancer Journey

Learning that your child has cancer can be overwhelming. You begin a journey of finding the right treatment options, making important decisions and learning things you never thought you’d need to know. There is a world of helpful information available to cancer patients and their families, but it’s of little value if you don’t know how to access it. 

Walking Miracles patient navigation helps free you to focus on the care and emotional needs of your diagnosed family member. We can connect your family with resources and referral networks that address issues like travel, emotional and financial needs, long-term survivorship and education. When we make these connections for you, your time can be spent caring for the needs of your child. Over 250 families have been guided by our patient navigation services.

A World of Hope, Literally at your Fingertips

Walking Miracles provides families with an Apple or Android tablet preloaded with information to help you along your cancer journey. Anytime Telehealth, a connection to your patient navigator and a place to easily log your care plan are all included. When your child needs to escape, your tablet also comes with Reimagine Well [Link to video]. This dynamic platform takes children to immersive places like the beach, the zoo, or outer space.

Your patient navigator will explain the tablet and its helpful features to your family.

Has your child been diagnosed with childhood cancer? Please complete our application to apply for the Walking Miracles Family Foundation Navigation Services.


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