What If Walking Miracles Family Foundation Could Offer This To You In WV?

What if you could immerse yourself in a place far far away from your chemo treatments?

What if you could connect to your family or friends if you were being treated in another state for your cancer?

What if you could get education from doctors on your long term survivors effects?

What if you had you own private community that you could share your own caregiver, childhood, adolescent, young adult, sibling or survivorship story? Or Have your own blog and share with the world?


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What Do We Offer WV Families ?

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The support and genourous donations of caring people like you helps Walking Miracles Family Foundation continue its mission of providing the "Country Roads Travel Assistance Program" to WV families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer. Walking Miracles Family Foundation founder, WV native and two time childhood cancer survivor Brett Wilson believes that "no family should not have a financial strain to get their child to their cancer treatments" and your donations help bring us closer to the day when every family can be helped in WV to have travel paid for. 

How do your donations help?

  • The average WV family drives 1 to 2 hours to take their child to their cancer treatment one way.  1 Gas gift card and 1 Food and Lodging gift card can help relieve the financial worry and stress.
  •  A newly diagnosed child has a treatment protocol of three years and goes on the average of 5 days a week. 

How is Walking Miracles making a difference for WV families and their children?

  • Walking Miracles has served 160 families and survivors impacted by childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer in the state of WV.
  • Our program has reach 33 of 55 counties int eh state of WV and has served our three local childrens cancer hospitals and 13 others acorss the country in OH, WV, NC, VA, MD, NY, PA, KY, IN  
  • Walking Miracles received a grant from Chad Pennington's 1st and 10 foundation for $10,000 which was used for gas, food and lodging cards to provide travel assistance.
  • Walking Miracles gives each family $100 in Gas and $100 in Food and Lodging
  • To date after 4 years we have given away more than $35,0000 in assistance to our WV families and survivor.
  • We are connecting families and survivors of childhood, adolescent and young adult cancer with resources and referral networks using tablet technology to break down our access issues and barriers.
  • Referral Partners with the Reimagine Well and Roger Holzberg and his team in helping implement interactive and virtual reality chemotherapy rooms to enhance and change the treatment experience for families and survivors of childhood,adolescent and young adult cancer. 

How are donations used?

  •  Walking Miracles wants to remove the number one access issue to childhood cancer care in WV and that is travel.
  •  If families can't get to and from treatment because of travel costs then their children could end up having later stages of cancer which make it harder to treat
  • NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT UNTREATED FOR CANCER CARE BECAUSE OF ACCESS TO TRAVEL FOOD AND LODGING COSTS. Give now to help Walking Miracles to provide travel assistance to families and their children in every community in WV.
  • We also help remive other treatment barriers and access issues to care and provide support using lay patient navigators who are survivors or caregivers to Walk with the families an survivors through their cancer journey.

Please Mail checks for Walking Miracles Family Foundation to Brian D. Wadsworth, CPA, CGMA P.L.L.C. MemberEllis & Ellis, PLLC 500 Virginia Street East United Center, Suite 1000 Charleston, WV 25301

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