Reimagine Well

Walking Miracles Family Foundation has partnered with Reimagine Well to bring the Infusionarium experience to all of our partner hospitals, patients and families.

As small as a mobile phone, or as large as a custom built virtual reality theatre, an Infusionarium is any place that allows a patient, family or staff member to access our immersive healing experiences, educational Learn Guides and support community.

Every week we ask patients, “If you could heal anywhere in the universe and there were no rules, what place would best promote your healing?” Then they receive treatment in their special “​healing place”​ .

Evolving Disney theme park’s “architecture of reassurance” into an “architecture of ​healing​“. The Infusionarium platform can be utilized for chemotherapy, dialysis, infusion, radiation, MRI, rehab. centers (and more). ​It has been shown to reduce the need for side-effects medication, reduce readmissions, improve patient satisfaction scores, and accelerate the throughput of several procedures​. To learn more contact


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Immersive Healing in West Virginia

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