Who We Are

Our Mission

Walking Miracles Family Foundation is a 501 c3 charity in WV. Our mission is to link pediatric and young adult cancer survivors and their caregivers to the necessary resources to assist them to successfully navigate the cancer experience.  

Who We Are

The first program we implemented was the Country Roads Travel Assistance Program.  We have helped more than 200 families and have provided travel assistance to families in 33 of 55 West Virginia counties with our travel card that helps pay for gas, food and lodging. To date, we have given families over $35,000 in travel assistance. 

As part of our mission, we first want to ensure our caregivers and survivors have survivorship plans and are connected to a survivorship clinic for proper follow-up. This includes education on the areas they received treatment and on the long-term side effects they might expect. This will better enable patients to seek quality care and live a high quality of life. 

Improving the Patient Experience

A second aspect of our mission is our belief that the patient experience can be improved dramatically. Our belief has motivated us to partner with the Reimagine Well Team to bring the Infusionarium platform to all of our patients in West Virginia and beyond.

Reimagine Well was​ founded by ​Leonard Sender,​ a world renowned hematologist/oncologist, and ​Roger Holzberg​, an award winning Disney Imagineer/cancer survivor, with the goal of evolving the patient journey by advancing Disney's "architecture of reassurance" into an "architecture of ​healing​."

The partnership has yielded:

  • The ​Walking Miracles Family Foundation support network​, providing patient and family support and education 24/7.

  • The Infusionarium experience, giving patients the ability to receive their treatment in the places ​they believe would best heal them. The Infusionarium platform also connects patients and families via video teleconference to reduce isolation and build community.